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Mission Statement

Our juniors will have the opportunity to develop their golfing skills in a safe and friendly environment, regardless of ability. Their participation in golf will help them acquire essential life skills and build confidence, integrity and self-esteem.

We have adopted the European Code of Sports Ethics, which means that golf at Trentham Golf Club is played in a spirit of fair play.

“Much more than playing within the rules, fair play incorporates the concepts of friendship, respect for others and always playing within the right spirit.  Fair play is defined as a way of thinking, not just a way of behaving.  It incorporates issues concerned with the elimination of cheating, gamesmanship, doping, violence (both physical and verbal), exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialism and corruption.”

(International Fair Play Committee 2011)  


Our Aims

To create a welcoming and safe environment where junior golf can thrive by providing opportunities for youngsters to participate and develop their talent to whatever level they aspire.

To ensure the safety of our junior members by adopting the EGU Children in Golf Child Protection guidelines.

To nurture and encourage each member’s participation in golf.

To organise regular competitions within the club and with other golf clubs.

To operate a coaching system that monitors and measures each member’s progress.

To provide a social and friendly venue for juniors with regular fun days including food and BBQs


All juniors under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult on the course or on the practice ground at any time.

All juniors unaccompanied by an adult must let the Pro’s Shop know of their intention to play or practice. Juniors must wait in the clubhouse or patio area to be picked up at a prearranged time by the adult responsible for them.

The correct tee markers must be used on all holes.

The appropriate golf wear and shoes must be worn at all times. An umbrella and waterproof trousers should be carried in the bag at all times.

A mobile phone may be carried, for safety reasons only , whilst on the course.

Keep track of the direction of any golf ball and should it be heading towards another golfer, shout ‘FORE’ loudly in their direction. Should a golf ball enter private property do not retrieve it. If the ball has or may have damaged any surrounding property, always report it. The club has an accidental damage insurance policy and no member will be liable.

Be careful of ponds on the 2 nd , 6 th , 7 th and 10 th holes. Do not attempt to retrieve your ball if submerged in the water.

All juniors must be aware of personal safety whilst playing on the course. If anything untoward happens (to you or a playing partner) call the clubhouse on 01782 658109 or go to the nearest house or golfer. Tell them exactly what has happened and ask that they contact the clubhouse immediately. (Nothing has ever happened to any junior member at this club whilst on the course, but it is important to be aware of the above recommendations)

If weather conditions deteriorate and a decision is taken by the Professional or his Assistant to suspend play, three prolonged notes on the klaxon will be sounded. Players must stop play immediately, marking their ball and return to the clubhouse when conditions allow. If a decision is taken to resume play, there will be two short blasts on the klaxon, repeated.


If selected to play for the team you will be an ambassador for our club, so please observe and act on the important points below. These rules apply for both home and away venues.

Be at the clubhouse at the requested time. If there is a problem, contact the person in charge of the event and leave a contact number.

Ensure parents/carers are aware of all arrangements regarding the event.

Observe the rules of any venues visited, while playing on the course and in the clubhouse.

On completion of your round, put your clubs in a safe place until your transport arrives.

Do not leave the venue you are visiting without permission. Be ready to return when requested to do so and ensure that you have collected all your belongings.

Please ensure that you inform the event organiser, at the earliest opportunity, if you are unwell or feel unable to play; this will not jeopardise future selection.

Do not be disappointed if you are not selected to play in consecutive matches; we try to include as many juniors as possible.

Team shirts are to be worn when representing the Club in matches, which is to create a good image for our club, both at home and at away venues. These will be provided to players by the Club and are to be worn with black trousers. Shirts with the TGC logo are also available to purchase from the Professional’s Shop if you prefer to have your own. When out on the course or in the clubhouse you can wear the shirt at any time you wish. On formal occasions or when requested, boys will be expected to wear a white shirt and tie.  Girls are requested to dress smartly (no jeans).


We aim to have a bully-free junior section at Trentham Golf Club. Juniors must report any incidents of physical or verbal bullying to any member of the staff, their parents, or whoever they feel comfortable talking to. The Club has protocols in place to address this.

Coaching and Etiquette

We offer a coaching course for new members, which includes etiquette lessons. This will be under the guidance of our Teaching Professional, Ashley Salt. These lessons are free.

Code Of Conduct Form

All juniors and parents  must  sign and return a Junior Code of Conduct Form, which can be found on our website, or in the office. The code of conduct has been written to ensure that all juniors know the standards of behaviour expected of them when in the clubhouse, playing golf, attending coaching or whilst representing Trentham Golf Club.


We run a 3-tier junior system; scratch to 28 handicap, 29-45 handicap and 45-54 handicap. Competitions are held throughout the season please check the notice board or website for the full Fixture List. Boys with a handicap below 28 off the yellow or girls below 36 off the red tees can play in adult competitions.

Outside competitions

Outside competitions are the individual player’s responsibility. Disciplinary action may be taken if a junior does not notify the host club if they cancel.

County recognition

Regular reports and updates are sent to the Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs (boys) & Staffordshire Ladies Golf Association (girls) in respect of promising junior golfers.  Please ensure that you inform the junior organiser if you receive an invitation to attend a county coaching session.


To obtain a CONGU handicap (maximum 28 boys, 36 girls) you must play the complete course on three separate occasions, accompanied by any golfer who holds a CONGU handicap. Boys must play from the yellow tee markers and girls from the red. At the end of the round ensure all three cards are signed then handed in at the professional shop.

Club handicaps (29-45) can be provided based on submission of 3 cards over 9 holes signed by an adult and (45-54) can be provided based on 3 cards over 5 holes signed by an adult.  We will then award a fair handicap.


Trentham Golf Club has a free insurance policy in force for all members whilst playing on the course.  This covers a golfer for third party claims. Please ensure you have adequate cover for anything outside of our club liability including your golf equipment.

Medical records

To conform to EGU guidelines, a ‘Player Profile Form’ MUST be completed in respect of all juniors. Forms will be taken to any events away from the club for the duration of the trip. Confidentiality is assured and the organiser responsible will keep the forms should parents/carers need to be contacted in an emergency.

Mr Captain, Lady Captain and the Junior Captain

Juniors should show courtesy to the captain and lady captain with the appropriate form of address, ‘Mr Captain’ and ‘Lady Captain’ respectively.

If while on the course they catch you up, it is expected that you will offer to let them play through.

The Junior Captain need not be addressed as such but it is most important that you recognise and respect their position and offer your help when asked.

Swipe Cards

After joining the club and paying the appropriate fees, you will be presented with a swipe card. This will enable you to buy drink at discounted prices. You simply present the card to the bar staff with a sum of money, which will be registered on the card. When purchasing food or drink, present the card and you will be issued with a receipt that will tell you how much is left on the card. The Card will also allow access through your allocated doors (i.e. Boys into Male areas and Girls into Femail areas)


Trentham Golf Club has considered its responsibilities to the children participating in golf at our premises and within our club very carefully, and has produced the following Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and underpinning procedures in order to set out the standards we wish to uphold in providing activities for children and safeguarding the welfare of children in our care.

Trentham Golf Club affiliates to England Golf, and our professional coaching staff are members of the Professional Golfers’ Association.  The Club recognises the policies of these Governing Bodies, as set in out at


Trentham Golf Club acknowledges its duty of care to safeguard the welfare of all children (defined as those under 18) involved in golf within the club. All children have a right to protection, and have their particular needs taken into account.

Trentham Golf Club will therefore endeavour to ensure the safety and protection of all children involved with the club through the Child Protection guidelines adopted by the Management Committee of the club. It is the responsibility of all adults within the club to assist the Management Committee in this endeavour.


  • To provide children with appropriate safety and protection whilst in the care of the club and also help them to enjoy their experience of the sport
  • To reassure parents that their children will receive the best practicable care possible whilst participating in activities within the club
  • To provide support to staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child protection issues and to fulfil their role effectively


The welfare of children is paramount

  • All children, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, ethnic origin and religious beliefs have the right to protection from abuse
  • All suspicions and allegations of abuse and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately
  • All staff and volunteers working in golf have a responsibility to report concerns to the Club Welfare Officer
  • Adults – staff, volunteers, coaches, referees and members will be supported to understand their role and responsibility with regard to the duty of care and protection of children and young people
  • Individuals will receive support through education and training to be aware of and understand best practice and how to manage any welfare or child protection issues that may come to light
  • Trentham Golf Club will work in partnership with parents to review and implement child protection and welfare procedures Trentham Golf Club’s policy and procedures are based on the above principles and UK and international legislation and government guidance and take the following into consideration:
    • The Children Act 1989 and 2004
    • The Data Protection Act 1994 & 1998
    • The Police Act 1997
    • The Human Rights Act 1998
    • The Protection of Children Act 1999
    • Caring for the young and vulnerable - Home Office Guidance for preventing the abuse of trust 1999
    • The Criminal and Court Services Act 2000
    • What to do if you are worried a child is being abused 2005
    • Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010)
    • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • Any subsequent legislation relating to child protection would implicitly be incorporated into this document


  • The Trentham Golf Club Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy will be available to all members, parents, staff, volunteers and participants
  • The Policy will be reviewed every three years by the Management Committee, and amended as appropriate. Guidance from golf’s governing bodies will be sought as part of the review process
  • The Management Committee has responsibility for ensuring that the policy and procedures are implemented, including taking any appropriate disciplinary action necessary
  • The Club Welfare Officer has responsibility for responding to any allegations, concerns or child protection incidents, passing information to the appropriate National Governing Body Lead Child Protection Officer and informing the appropriate club staff
  • Parents have a responsibility to work together with the club in implementing procedures and providing their children with the necessary information to safeguard themselves

Contact Details


Rob Inchley

Tel:  07926 096445


Mandy Ambert (Club Child Welfare Officer)

Tel:  07807 057705



Richard Minton (Club General Manager)

Tel:  01782 658109 (option 1)


Ashley Salt (Club Professional)

Tel:  01782 658109 (option 3)



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