Trentham Golf Club

Entrant List for Mixed Open 2021

14 players have been signed up for this competition as of 1:25 PM Sunday 28th February

Julia Gaunt (Drayton Park)
Martin Humphreys (Dean Wood Golf Club)
John Jacobs (Hamptworth Golf & Country Club)
Susan Jacobs (Hamptworth Golf & Country Club)
Joyce Larkin (Dean Wood Golf Club)
Graeme Makepeace (Mickleover Golf Club)
Bob Nason (Drayton Park)
Julia Saunders (Branston Golf & Country Club)
Brian Tierney (The Belfry Golf Club)
Kim Tierney (The Belfry Golf Club)
Jane Winn (Branston Golf & Country Club)
Tim Winn (Branston Golf & Country Club)
Andrew Withers (The Belfry Golf Club)
Marie Withers (The Belfry Golf Club)

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