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Course Flyover 

Hole 1

Pro's Tip:

This is a good getaway hole. An inviting tee shot played straight up a gentle slope guarded by three fairway bunkers. Be sure to leave your approach shot short of the pin for a good opening birdie chance.

Hole 2

Pro's Tip:

A good drive is needed here if you’re looking for a birdie. Drive over the marker post, anything right may find a fairway bunker. A generous layup up area offers a good up and down opportunity played to a green sloping back to front.

Hole 3

Pro's Tip:

On this short dogleg right par 4, position your tee shot just short of the left hand fairway bunkers.  A short shot to a small green guarded on the left by three small, well hidden bunkers. 

Hole 4

Pro's Tip:

This is the shortest hole on the course, but don’t be deceived by its length. A precise tee shot is required. Anything to the right side of the green leaves a tough down hill putt. 

Hole 5

Pro's Tip:

Dog leg left to right requiring two well struck shots to reach the green. Favour left half of fairway off the tee to give a clear shot. 

Hole 6

Pro's Tip:

A straight par 5 with plenty of hazards to traverse. A long tee shot is required if you are to cross the fairway bunkers in two shots otherwise a 3rd shot over 150 yards will be required to this large, flat green.

Hole 7

Pro's Tip:

A medium length par 3 protected by its proximity to the boundary of the course. The green widens towards the rear but will leave a downhill putt.

Hole 8

Pro's Tip: 
An inviting tee shot up past the Copper Beach tree will leave a blind shot to a very undulating green. At least an extra club will be required to reach the green. Front right of the green will leave the best opportunity for a two putt.

Hole 9

Pro's Tip:

This hole provides a fittingly formidable finish to the front nine. The tee shot needs to favour the right half of the fairway as the fairway slopes right to left towards the out of bounds. A fairly flat green is cut into the slope so a premium is placed on hitting the green. A short approach shot is better than long because the ground slopes away towards out of bounds. 

Hole 10

Pro's Tip:

A nice straight but blind driving hole. Long hitters beware, a lake waits at 270 yards from the back tee.  A tee shot down the right will require a high shot played over a tree beyond the lake. Playing to the left side of the green will leave the easier putt.

Hole 11

Pro's Tip:

Similar in its design to the 3rd hole, Long hitters may wish to take on the two fairway bunkers and leave a short pitch to the green. The sensible play is to lay up short of the fairway bunker as this leaves a more inviting approach shot. A good birdie chance.

Hole 12

  Pro's Tip:

A tricky par three for its distance. The green sits up high requiring an extra club to hit this blind green. The green is deceptively long and narrow and is guarded by bunkers at the front and either side. Anything short will leave a tough up and down. 

Hole 13

Pro's Tip:

The downhill tee shot must avoid leaking away into the right hand trees. A cluster of bunkers protect the front of the green so a high shot will be required. Similar to the ninth green a shot played over the back of the green will leave a tricky chip shot up a steep slope onto a green that slopes away from you. Deep greenside bunkers both sides make par a respectable score at this deceptively difficult hole.

Hole 14

Pro's Tip:

A good opportunity for the long hitters to gain an advantage as the fairway slopes downhill the farther you can hit your tee shot. Keep tee shot to the right to avoid fairway bunkers. The approach to this green is littered with bunkers which will leave an awkward length bunker shot. A flat green however can deliver a birdie or two. 

Hole 15

Pro's Tip:

Played straight back up the hill, this challenging par 3 requires extra club to hit the green. Any shot missing this difficult two tier green will leave a tough up and down. 3 is a good score here.

Hole 16

Pro's Tip:

A visually stunning hole, this hole will catch many out as the tree lined fairway slopes dramatically left to right. Tee shot down the left of the fairway is crucial. The green can catch many out as it slopes subtly left to right making putts from the left side of the green much quicker than they look. 

Hole 17

Pro's Tip:

A strong par 4 playing all of its length. A well positioned fairway bunker needs to be avoided. The semi blind approach must carry a bunker just short of the green. Two good shots could harvest a birdie on this fairly flat putting surface. 

Hole 18

Pro's Tip:

A great opportunity to finish on a high. This average length par 5 could be reached in two but it needs both power and accuracy from the tee. Four well placed bunkers are ready to catch any one attacking the green in two and will leave an intimidating bunker shot towards the out of bounds. Beware being too aggressive as out of bounds lies just beyond the back of the green. 

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