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This Website is provided by intelligentgolf ("IG")on behalf of Trentham Golf Club Ltd (Trentham Golf Club Limited hereinafter being referred to as "we", "us" and "our"). We use this website to provide online information and services (including tee bookings), competition management and CONGU ratified handicap maintenance, for its Playing members.


[Access to this website is via our Membership ID or member's email address and a User managed PIN number and is limited to Golf Club Members and selected staff who need access for the purpose of supplying and maintaining information relative to the primary functions of the website, as stated above.]


We will transfer from our own membership system to IG only those personal details relevant to Golf Club membership such that a Golf Club Member may utilise this website effectively.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party except those specifically referred to within this privacy policy for the specified purposes unless you provide your explicit permission, or there is a legal obligation to do so.

Users of the website are able to specify additional personal details by accessing the 'Preferences' area under the 'My Golf' menu option. The details specified here will be used solely for the following purposes:-


1) Communication between members to facilitate the management of matches and competitions


2) Communication between Golf Club Members and Golf Club Committee Members and Officers to promote accessibility and enable the effective and smooth running of the club.


3) Planning and managing our business activities including analysing users preferences and providing you with information about the products and services that we offer


4). Contact information will be passed to us to enable us to maintain up to date contact information.


We will only send you updated on new products and services, or alert you to special offers which we believe will be of genuine interest to you.  If you would prefer not to receive this type of information please let us know through our contacts page.


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